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Grandbois - 23 September 11:27

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Belen - 10 November 04:07

Le King George Brothel de Berlin ouvre ses portes à 16 heures tous les jours de l'année, sauf pendant les vacances de Noël. Pour 99 euros, il est possible d'y rester jusqu'à l'aube, de se saouler sans limite et de coucher avec quelques-unes des 27 filles de l'établissement.

Britney - 29 September 21:51

Biosex [sex isn't something you identify with or grow out of. It's also not an assignment. It just is. Someone with a 46 XX karyotype who becomes a trans man still has to worry about estrogen his body naturally produces-even more so if he has a functioning vagina. If we say he has an assigned sex at birth, we're dancing around the fact that he has the karyotype 46 XX and essentially saying the doctor could have made a mistake.

Admin - 11 January 06:15

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Aurora - 5 July 07:48

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Gregory - 13 August 21:05

I don't think NiteManhattan is saying queer-phobia doesn't exist or the communities aren't necessary. I think he's pointing out the dilemma of seeking acceptance while simultaneously embracing distinctiveness. It's important to embrace and reclaim the thing people seek to persecute you for. But it can be problematic as well. I know it's not the same, but it reminds me of the struggle to embrace blackness while trying to avoid being defined by race. Necessary, but problematic nonetheless.

Sauberan - 9 November 21:10

I do like these videos. and I don't. It is informative, it's positiv, but then again I feel like they are too rushed, not taking enough time to explain in detail. It touches so many subjects, makes me interested in hearing more but then gallops on a few seconds later to the next point of interest, again not fully completing the discussion IMO. I like that she is funny and cute and laughing and smiling a lot (positiv discussion of sex is always a plus), but I would want a bit more seriousnes.